How to Wear

Please read our Safety Instruction

Multiple Carrying Styles

If there’s one thing we know, babies grow.  So we’ve designed a sling that grows with them. Whether you have an infant, a crawler, or toddler, the Serene Sling works for you.  The different carrying styles are not only convenient, but also comfortable for you and your baby.

Wearing Your Sling

Fold the Serene Sling in half with the shoulder strap up. Put your arm through the loop with the opening on the outer side. Grasp the shoulder strap with your opposite arm and put your head through the opening. Make sure the shoulder strap is folded flat and positioned with the seam on the top of your shoulder.

Which shoulder should you use?

Wearing the sling on your right shoulder makes it easier to use your right arm, and vice versa.  Choose the side that is most comfortable for you.  For specific wearing instructions, please click a style below.

Cradle Style Sitting Style Forward Style Cuddling Style Toddler Style